The Pubco dual flush valve Model B1-DF.


The Pubco in-duct flush valve Model B4-SF with striker plate.
This valve can be set to 4.5 litre or 5.5 litre flush volumes.


Water closet flushing valves for
break tank fed water supply.
Single flush and dual flush models.
We no longer manufacture new licenced valves for new installations or refurbishments.

All parts, assemblies and servicing are available for all valve models from 1945 onwards. Reconditioned valves are generally available.

Pubco Products and Engineering is located in Sydney and manufactured the Pubco flush valve. We service the Pubco Flush valve and a range of other flushing valve brands at our premises and also offer a machining service.
The Pubco flush valve was manufactured in Australia from 1932 to 2019 and is designed to be long lasting and very suitable for high intensity use. Red Brass castings with 85% copper and 6% maximum zinc content are used to achieve the longest possible service life.

The Pubco flush valve was available in various models, configurations and flushing volumes. Dual flush valves have been available in both exposed chrome plated and in-duct models since their approval in June, 2006.
Spare parts are available for every model made since 1945 and the unit can be serviced at our premises with minimal delay.