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Pubco Products and Engineering has ceased trading. The factory has ceased manufacturing and servicing facilities.

Spare parts will continue to be available for purchase through various plumbing suppliers but the range of spare parts will be more limited.

The new entity supplying spare parts will be:
Microtube Extrusions Pty Ltd T/A Pubco Products
ABN: 54097786993

About Pubco

The Pubco flush valve was manufactured in Australia from 1932 to 2019 and was designed to be long lasting and very suitable for high intensity use. Red Brass castings with 85% copper and 6% maximum zinc content were used to achieve the longest possible service life.

Many Pubco installations are very old and have been maintained by servicing and in some cases rebuilding or replacing some valves over the years.

Consideration should be given to upgrade or progressively upgrade to more modern products at many installations

Product Information

Pressure range: 30 to 300 kPa
Inlet/outlet: 1 1/2 inch BSPF(4omm nom.)
Centre offset distance: 1 17mm to 1 37mm. This is the offset distance from the centreline of the stop valve inlet to the centreline of the valve outlet.

Pre- 1963 valves had fixed centre distance of 11Omm. The coupling was a fixed union.

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Pubco single flush valve Model B1-SF

This valve can be set to 4.5 litre or 5.5 litre flush volume. Brochure (PDF)

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Pubco in-duct flush valve Model B4-SF with striker plate

This valve can be set to 4.5 litre or 5.5 litre flush volumes.Brochure (PDF)

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Pubco in-wall hydraulically operated flush valve Model B4H-SF

This valve can be set to 4.5 litre or 5.5 litre flush volume. The actuator can also be placed parallel to the wall alignment. Brochure (PDF)


We will endeavour to continue to supply as many spare parts as possible in future.

The following pdf gives some detail on servicing the Pubco flush valve.

Pubco Service Brochure (PDF)

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Pubco Products
PO Box 4539, North Rocks NSW 2151
Phone: 0494 145 775
Email: sales at
ABN: 54097786993